• The Zen of Love is one of the clearest books ever written on the fundamentals of spirituality and personal growth. In its pages the philosophy of Zen meets the most practical aspects of love and relationship (with self and others). Author, Peter Cutler, combines deep insights, warm anecdotes, and effective exercises to awaken the reader's heart and mind through authentic love and compassion.”
    Michael Mirdad, Spiritual Teacher / Healer / Author
  • The Zen of Love is an absolutely wonderful book – highly compelling and beautifully written. Its openhearted message of love positively beams from every page.”
    Rosina Wilson
  • The Zen of Love is worthy of high praise. The book immediately elicits a palpable and tangible experience of the love which it speaks. I began reading it and by page three melted into the ineffable essence of the author's writing. If you are seeking a book about spiritual awakening / enlightenment which contains more than just words, you've just found it.”
    J. Steward Dixon, Spiritual Teacher / Author
  • In The Zen of Love, Peter speaks to the reader intimately and personally in a way that is compelling, and, through his words, conveys the love that he so eloquently speaks about. It is no surprise that Peter would write about love when he so naturally and deeply embodies it.”
    Gina Lake, Spiritual Teacher / Author
  • More than just a book, it is a timeless path to share with all who can touch the wisdom and peace conveyed in every chapter.”
    Mary Lou Christianson
  • A lot of truth spoken here."
    Edythe Currie

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The Zen of Love

The Zen of Love is a love letter that awakens the infinite unconditional love that lies deep within your heart. If read with an open heart, it will heal and transform all your relationships, especially the one you have with yourself. Much more than a book, “it is a true living miracle.”

Relationships can be tricky. But that's because we don't understand the profound power of love that's going on "behind the scenes". Let this book enlighten you and change your relationship to yourself, others and the world.

You can buy the print version on Amazon.com for $14.99 and the Kindle version for $3.99. To see if the book is right for you before you buy, you can also download a digital .pdf file of the Table of Contents and the first two chapters for free

peter-cutler-bw-4-cropThe author, Peter Cutler, is a spiritual teacher, author and artist living in Sedona, Arizona. His profound awakening ten years ago showed him that love, in all its myriad forms, if followed back to its source, can lead directly to enlightened consciousness. 

Please share this book with anyone else you feel it can help. Love created this book. And love is meant to be shared.